Make Money Advertising Online, Lots of Money

There are many ways to make money online. Advertising for someone else is one. It is called affiliate marketing. The basic principle is to send customers to someone else’s website to buy a product. A few questions immediately come to mind.

First is how do I get paid. There are many models from cost per click to straight commission. This article will concentrate on commission, as it is quick, simple, and inexpensive to set up and run.

Second is how much money? I’ll show you how to make $1000 per month to start. You can easily build from there.

Third is what do I have to do? There are but three simple steps involved. First find a product to promote. To do that go to and choose a product. They specialize in digital products that deliver immediately with no shipping charges. You choose the products you want to promote. Commissions vary. If you choose one with $40 commission, then one sale per day earns you $1200. Be sure to save the URL to which you will be sending people. Second, go to GoDaddy dot com. There you will get a domain. I recommend a dot info domain for about $1 for the first year.. Call customer service if you have any questions like how to set up your site to automatically send anyone who lands on your domain to another one.

Specifically, to the one you are getting paid to promote. Here is where you need the URL from ClickBank. Copy and paste the URL as it is very long. Don’t hesitate to call customer service, they are very easy to talk to and very helpful. All that is left is to write an article at They will publish it for you. Goggle “Google AdWords key word tool” to help choose key words for your title and first paragraph. Be sure to read Author TOS at EzineArticles. By the way, articles need only be 250 words, which is almost nothing. This one is over 350 words.

Every system has pros and cons. the pros here are extremely low cost, ease of use, scalability, and best of all is long term residual income. The only con is that it may take some time to start generating significant income. You can write multiple articles and promote multiple products to make lots of money.

Beach Advertising – A Unique Way to Garner Attraction

Do you run the marketing department or advertising sect of a small or large company? If so, then you undoubtedly are always looking for ingenious ways in which to reach a mass audience at a reasonable price in order to portray your message and present your products or services to the general public. If you are unsuccessful at advertising and getting your product or service recognized, you will slowly watch your company fall into the red. That is why it is vitally important for you to find the most effective and cost efficient ways to reach large audiences with your marketing and advertising that have been proven to work.The hardest part about doing this is to find a unique way to set your product apart from the rest, when it concerns advertising. You need to find a way to reach a mass market and to get them to remember your advertisements above all others.Many companies are slowly backing away from investing money in television commercials, radio advertisements, and typical print advertisements and are seeking more interesting methods of advertisement. Case in point: beach advertising.Heading To the Beach with Aerial AdvertisementsThrough the use of beach advertising a company will hire a group to fly an airplane over a popular beach or beach resort. Attached to the back of the plane will be a text banner, billboard banner, or logo advertisement. This type of advertisement draws attention to it and has the capability of reaching a mass audience with little effort. This is just one of the most unique and proven ways to market your product apart from the big three of: television, radio, and print.Why Beach Advertising Is So EffectiveBeach advertisement has a high rate of being effective due in part to the fact that it quickly gets the attention of potential customers in a way that they are not use to. The moment a person on a beach hears the sound of a planes engines, they will instinctively look up. In doing so they will catch sight of your company’s brand or logo in the form of aerial advertisement. They will actually stop and take notice because it is a unique type of advertisement that they are not familiar with.Another benefit of this type of aerial beach advertisement is that it is so under used that chances are, your aerial advertisement will be the only advertisement of its type that they will see all day. You won’t be fighting to get your message seen or heard! Therefore, your company’s brand or service will be embedded in the minds of those who are laying on the beach soaking in the summer sun.You can choose the type of beach advertisement that you desire. You can use a text banner that features nothing but words, or your company’s web address. Or you can go bolder and purchase a billboard style ad where you can use both images and text. If your product is popular and widely known, you can even simply fly a logo advertisement behind the plane. Which ever method you choose, you are sure to turn some heads and get some much needed attention for the product or service that you are trying to sell.